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Writing a bio is always a bit of a strange thing to do. The bottom line is that I am incredibly grateful to make a pleasure from photography. It’s been a privileged life that has taken me all over the Sri Lanka and I’d like to think it’s given me some perspective on just how lucky I have been.Increasingly, my focus is the well-being of the planet we all find ourselves on and how we can preserve all that we have for our future generations. I’m a new that has only reinforced my conviction. It is my hope that through my photography i would do better for the society.


Four Essential Beginner Photographer Tips

If you are new to photography the possibilities can seem endless and the options almost overwhelming. Buttons, dials, apertures, shutters, flashes…where do you even start? Of course, it’s always good to learn basics like the exposure triangle, but there are some simple beginner photographer tips that will immediately elevate your picture-taking prowess. Nikon D7100, 50mm, f/5.6, 1/250 second, ISO 100, +10 close-up filter Look for the light The first of the beginner photographer tips is tho look for the light. Does your camera have a flash? Great! Does it turn on all the time? Not so great. This is usually a sign that your camera thinks your picture is too dark, so it tries to add a bit of light to fix things. From that perspective, the flash makes a lot of sense, but often it can end up ruining what might otherwise be a perfectly good photo. Instead of a pleasing, well-lit image, you end up with red eyes, harsh shadows, and bright spots of light reflecting off windows. I shot this in a…

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